mas110 fundamentals of computational media design
story studio: intro to cinematic storytelling


screened films

most of these films are available from the mit film office, 14N-428, for free.

fallen angels
dir. wong kar-wai
shooting video with curiosity, energy, fearlessness, naivete, joy.

citizen kane
dir. orson welles
opening shot. creating an absorbing entry into a space. introducing themes and plotlines. making your points quickly.

dir. michael curtiz
"invisible" editing. 180-degree rule for shooting two people in conversation. making it easy for the viewer to know who is where.

dir. alfred hitchcock
fast editing in order to create vivid impression and sensation.

two for the road
dir. stanley donen
non-classical editing. overlapping images and conversation bits, occurring over multiple time periods. also, a good example of sharp dialogue writing.

meshes of the afternoon
dir. maya deren
psychological editing. creating a dreamlike feel. non-sequential storytelling.

un chien andalou
dir. luis bunuel
surrealist editing. using vivid images as symbols and analogies.