list of commands:

paper n: takes 1 arg from 0 to 100, cleans out the current page and sets its black percentage
pen n: takes 1 arg from 0 to 100, sets the black percent to draw
line x0 y0 x1 y1: takes 4 args to draw a line
comments are lines that start with //
blocks are in {}, they are used with conditionals and repeats
are always started on their own line.
set name val: makes named numeric quanitifiers
repeat name beginval endval immediately followed by a {block}: sets up a loop
math ops are always expressed in (), can use +*/-
[x y] is a means to access the dots of page, can do a set [x y] 100, or a set A [x y]
nested loop as means to step image
same? val1 val2 immediately followed by a {block}
also smaller? different? ( I believe this should be same? notsame? smaller? notsmaller?)
command name var1 var2 varn immediately followed by a {block}: sets up named procedure (currently vars are global and not local framed -- they need to be locally defined)
connectors are enclosed in <>, there are currently the following: <loc n> where n is 1 to 3 , <key n> where n is 1 to 26, <net n> where n is 1 to 1000
forever: special repeat construct that lasts forever. is implicitly double buffered
escape: special way to exit a forever
load: lets you load in a library of commands
number name var1 var2 varn is way to define a function? need better name.