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i've also made several <A HREF="movies.html">movies</A> of my work. <BR>

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<IMG SRC="college.gif" WIDTH=101 HEIGHT=101> <BR>

<B>MySituation</B> <BR>

This is an assignment, which is a sort of title page to my theme for the pieces that

made up the rest of the assignment. It was my first experience in using letters on a piece.

<BR>view the <A HREF="colleges.html">source code</A> for this piece.


<IMG SRC="contrast.gif" WIDTH=101 HEIGHT=101> <BR>

<B>Tritrast </B> <BR>

This piece was based on contrasting elements of the three triangles through size,

shape, orientation, and etc.

<BR>view the <A HREF="contrasts.html">source code</A> for this piece.


<IMG SRC="egg.gif" WIDTH=101 HEIGHT=101> <BR>

<B>SlicedOmellete</B> <BR>

This piece was made to form an image that somewhat resembles the form on an egg.

The color of the lines are suppose to show different depths such that, the middle

(white) is the closest to you.

<BR>view the <A HREF="eggs.html">source code</A> for this piece.


<IMG SRC="gradient.gif" WIDTH=101 HEIGHT=101> <BR>

<B>SnakeSkin</B> <BR>

This project is to show diffenent shades ranging from black to white. The way

the colors are orientated sort of resembles the skin of a snakes and gives it a convex feel.

<BR>view the <A HREF="gradients.html">source code</A> for this piece.


<IMG SRC="sinosodal.gif" WIDTH=101 HEIGHT=101> <BR>

<B>DunceCap</B> <BR>

This is an image that is based off the sin function which forms the shape of a cone.

<BR>view the <A HREF="sinosodals.html">source code</A> for this piece.


<IMG SRC="guitar.gif" WIDTH=101 HEIGHT=101> <BR>

<B>ADifferentSound</B> <BR>

This is an piece is an abstract guitar which brought about the first sighting of my signature.

<BR>view the <A HREF="guitars.html">source code</A> for this piece.


<IMG SRC="myline.gif" WIDTH=101 HEIGHT=101> <BR>

<B>Tattoo</B> <BR>

This project is to use a function "myline" to draw an image and I went ahead and personalized.

A lot of people get a tattoos of theirs names but I have a little something extra to make even

more interesting.

<BR>view the <A HREF="mylines.html">source code</A> for this piece.


<IMG SRC="outofbox.gif" WIDTH=101 HEIGHT=101> <BR>

<B>BusinessMotto</B> <BR>

This piece illustrates the difference between thinking regularly and thinking out of the box which works really well with the 200x200 format.

<BR>view the <A HREF="outofboxs.html">source code</A> for this piece.