Static Images

1f Represent yourself as a dbnlet

2a Using the dot drawing technique described in Chapter 8 of the DBN book, manually position *exactly* 50 dots on your page that look as though they are randomly placed, but still form a cohesive recognizable image that is non-typographic and non-symbolic

4a Reinterpret one of your previous pieces as a surrealist image. Include the name of the previous assignment in your comments.

4b Create a dynamic composition of two contrasting elements (i.e. color, shape quality, movement, etc.)

4c Gather visual elements from at least three of your previous assignments, and create a 'welded image'.

5a Using real sinusoidals, generate a shape with primarily convex properties

7b Create a generally smooth gradation of white to black, from left to right using only a 100 percent black pen.

9a Emphasize the difference between your early 100 by 100 display area and the now larger 200 by 200 display area with a statically motivated graphic.

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