Line Study

Question 1E: Make a line that responds to the mouse.

 Aurora Borealis
Question 1F: Represent yourself as a dbnlet

 Which Box is Bigger?
Question 2B: In Primer of Visual Literacy (DD) read pp. 0-37. Using DBN, create a perceptual glitch, i.e. a visual illusion. Your illusion should be constructed by reusing at least 1 similar part via use of the 'command' command in Chapter 12 of the DBN book.

 Surrealist Raindrop
Question 4A: Read RK pp. 105 to 146. Reinterpret one of your previous pieces as a surrealist image. Include the name of the previous assignment in your comments.
Question 5B: Render the smooth temporal interpolation between two polygonal entities.

Question 7A: Create a general method for abstractly filling the DBN paper area at variable percentages. In a display loop, show the 25 percent, 50 percent, and 75 percent solutions in rotation.

 Sheltered, invigorating, quiet
Question 8C: Choose 3 of your 10 keyverbs/keyadjectives from class and represent them together as a single interactive piece with no typography. Again no static representations allowed. Again many in class used nouns -- no nouns allowed. Be sure to leave the 3 keyverbs/keyadjectives as a comment at the top of your code.

Question 9C: Your display is now 200 by 200. Emphasize the difference between your early 100 by 100 display area and the now larger 200 by 200 display area with an interactive display of the difference in display area.