Christine M. Liu
the1 (th) cock·tail (kktl) par·ty (pärt) ef·fect (-fkt)
the ability to focus one's listening attention on a single talker among a cacophony of conversations and background noise
the goal is to simulate and recreate the sound experience of an urban existence.

a pad, embedded with touch sensors, is activated by the movement of step. human energy, expressed through movement, through dance, through any type of personal transport, relates itself to the pad. to move is to live.

urban = people. urban = life. urban = incredible sensory stimuli. feel it.

radios are attached to the pad, each emitting sound only when its particular sensor is activated. the radios represent different facets of the urban soundscape, blaring and superimposing upon themselves to create a sophisticated aural chaos. the rumble of a car, a stylish yuppie couple yakking over double cafe lattes, the melody of an unseen apartment piano, the drops of rain falling upon the rooftops... we take it in, we hear it all.

or do we?

visual information overload is obvious: tvs, computers, incessant screens. moving beyond this fact, we need to realize and examine our personal states within a world teeming with endless noise.

to play the autoharp is to find one's own voice within the cocktail party of modernity.