Christine M. Liu

Project Photos:
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initial and ongoing sketches of project

my nylon board teems with a forest of wires. i have connections between the sensor inputs, the input pins, the output pins, the transistors, the relays, and everything possible on this planet connected to ground and 5V.

the black chips are special touch sensors that use human touch as a capacitance enabler. the inputs are squares of copper tape, and the outputs are sent to the input pins of nylon.

a sensor in action! when you get near to the copper, the circuit is completed.

these guys are just chilling, waiting for their big debut. watch them later as they transform into well-heeled cocktail companions...

this is my self-claimed workspace in the acg. the setup is mighty expansive and mighty messy. however, every wire has its purpose. finessing will come eventually. :)

another great forest shot. those wires are swimming!

this shot is pretty fuzzy, but this is one example of a relay, the device that connects the speaker wires (and switches the radio on) when two of the pins are connected with power.

after i managed to get 6 radios working successfully (down from the original plan of 7 radios because i suspect one of my output pins is fried due to a careless incident involving lack of resistance), i repositioned the plexiglass from the work table to the floor, its intended habitat. the white foam board underneath is just to keep the metal tiles from interfering (which they do, incredibly). looking sleek, eh?

here's nylon, incognito. after organizing the wires somewhat, the facade is not so intimidating as before. arent the transistors cute, all lined up like little ducklings?

same goes for the chipboard. grooming is a wonderful thing.

costuming the radios: so here's the self-absorbed designer chic who's adorned with blue beads on her shiny antenna and a radiant, lipsticked smile.

her conversation partner wears trendy eyeglass frames and holds his martini at a rakish angle. they chat in a posh club (hence, the zebra rug).

the glue wasn't exactly dry, so here i am propping up the lid of the piano. all three items (piano and couple) are located on the lower right corner of the autoharp.

more photos are coming soon...