Christine M. Liu

each radio is specified to react to an individual input source. there can be up to 7 radios playing simultaneously, creating a chaotic aural environment. the inputs sensors are activated via footsteps on a plexiglass mat.

i cut the speaker wires in each radio and hooked them up to relays. when an input is activated, the output sends power to the relay, which in turn switches on the radio speaker.

lights flash in the skyline, their blinks becoming increasingly urgent the more sounds are playing at the same time. this enhances the chaotic and enveloping sensation of an urban soundscape.

the radios blend cleverly into the cityscape. each sound-producing component represents a different element of such an environment.

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  • NYLON board
  • 7 portable fm/am radios (4 from sears, 3 from radioshack)
  • 7 touch sensors (borrowed from acg)
  • relays, resistors, npn transistors (active electronics)
  • plenty of hookup wire
  • 30" x 30" clear plexiglass (dickson brothers hardware)
  • black foam board (pearl art + crafts)
  • stringed lights
  • various decorative accessories