I   L   L   \_/   M   |   N   [-   M   B   |_   A   Z   e   M     

 I   L   L   \_/   M   |   N   [-   M   B   |_   A   Z   e   M 

 I   L   L   \_/   M   |   N   [-   M   B   |_   A   Z   e   M 

.  .  .  i  m  a  g  i  n  e  .  .  .

The music bumps...
A surge erupts...
The fun ......
Your heart pumps...





  IlluminEmblazem -- Let the music move you....
                     Can you control the surge within?

  A concept of ILLUMOTION (Illumination by Motion), IlluminEmblazem
  takes advantage of the basic human response to a stimulus, music, 
  and provides a medium through which to express a response,
  Illutubes.  Given four Illukeys, the user can create an Illupiece 
  purely motivated by the beat of the music as it penetrates their 
  limbs, surges through their blood, and entices an explosion of 
  energy from deep within.  

  As the user strings together a myriad of Illutube patterns through 
  Illukey combinations, unique and vast Illupieces are created.  
  That's not all, the strokes and designs of the users imagination 
  elicits a response from Illu, the stick dude with the moves, 
  breakin' style.  Illu's phat moves become a part of this Illupiece, 
  the soul creation of the Illumaster at the controls. 

      Let the music..... move you......

                              Can you control the surge within? 

               What's your Illupiece?  Bring it on....

    ILLUMINEMBLAZEM -- Illuminate the board...
                       Emblaze the scene...
                       Show 'em what you've got!

  Using music to motivate one to create an
  illuminated masterpiece, evoking the creative
  juices of one's musically motivated self 
  (100% natural 100% individual).


05.09.02 ==> *NEW* Ahh yes, the changes begin. On to the 3rd carnation of my idea. The concept and context sections are being written
04.26.02 ==> It has begun...


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04.26.02 ==> "You know, I could go to sleep... I just gotta stop getting carried away designing this site." 4:03 am