Concepts behind Shoo!

Shoo! is a playful game, reminiscent of the 'Whack-a-mole' games from times of old. It incites the player to action with several annoying characters, in this case, several buzzing insects.

In the scenario of Shoo!, passerby witness these insects attacking a bowl of ice cream. There should also be two tools in front of the bowl, a silver spoon and a large swatter. Since the spoon is not really an option, as the insects got to the ice cream first, the swatter is then the tool of choice, to remedy the insect situation.

The insects buzz until they make contact with the swatter, at which point their buzzing stops. However, they do not leave the ice cream, they just continue buzzing, for the sake of fun play.

(Warning: In a similar real-life scenario, however, they may die and become a permanent addition to the ice cream.)

The ice cream should also be appealing enough so that people will feel compelled to intervene in the invasion.

Hopefully this creation will be infectiously fun, and perhaps even cathartic as a stress reliever.

Shoo! is here. Enjoy it!

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