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MAS961: Numerical Photography, Autumn 1998
Instructor: Professor John Maeda
Prerequisites: Permission of Instructor (
When: Tuesday & Thursday, 2:00-3:30pm
Where: Room E15-095, MIT Media Laboratory
Text: William Mitchell, The Reconfigured Eye. MIT Press.
Grading: 30% attendance + 30% problem sets + 30% exhibition.

The creative use of scene-capture devices is explored in the context of computational expression.
Students will each be equipped with a low-end digital camera and explore the physical environment
for imagery that can bond well with computational post-processing.
Intensive weekly exercises will be given, with review sessions each week.

This course sponsored with generous donations from Minolta and Interval Research Corporation.

An exhibition of student work was held at the MIT Media Laboratory atrium on December 11th, 1998.
Information about this show, and its permanent online component, is available here.


9.10 Lecture (Newhall: History of Photography). PS1 (FFT-Paint) handed out / PS1 Solutions.
9.15 Lecture.
9.17 PS1 review.
PS2 (Cube) handed out. / PS2 Solutions.
9.22 Lecture.
9.24 PS2 review.
PS3 (Colours) handed out. / PS3 Solutions.
9.29 Lecture.
10.1 PS3 review.
PS4 (Personmade Environment) handed out. / PS4 Solutions.
10.6 Lecture. (consortia week)
10.8 Lecture. (consortia week)
10.13 No class; Monday schedule classes held due to Columbus Day Holiday
10.15 PS4 review.
PS5 (Natural Environment) handed out. / PS5 Solutions.
10.20 Lecture.
10.22 PS5 review.
PS6 (Favorite Thing) handed out. / PS6 Solutions.
10.27 Lecture.
10.29 PS6 review.
PS7 (Unnatural) handed out / PS7 Solutions.
11.3 Lecture.
11.5 PS 7 review.
PS8 (Improve) handed out. / PS8 Solutions.
11.10 Lecture.
11.12 PS8 review.
PS9 (Improve More) handed out. / PS9 Solutions.
11.17 Discussion at acg (E15-443).
11.19 PS9 review at acg (E15-443). PS10 (Portfolio) handed out. / PS10 Solutions.
11.24 Lecture.
11.26 No class Thanksgiving (11/27 official holiday as well)
12.1 PS10 due.
12.3 Exhibition prep.
12.4 Exhibition prep.
12.8 Exhibition prep.
12.11 Final exhibition.
12.14-18 Final exam period.
12.15-28 Grade deadline.
12.19-1.3 Winter vacation.