Bouncing box picture BROODY CUBE   has a fine day.

This assignment was an opportunity to manipulate time instead of space. For a stop-motion movie of a bouncing cube, typically one would expect to have to move the cube further for the high-velocity time steps close to the ground, and very little near the peak.

Working in the time domain, it was only necessary to move the cube a half-inch each shot instead of calculating a parabola. On the other hand, in the post-processing the images were displayed with durations from the formula:
t ~ (x+1)1/2 - x1/2
which is a discrete reworking of: x = .5 a t2.

(Ignore the giant black moving eclipse-oid ellipsoid sun moving across the sky! By the time that surfaced, it was too light out to reshoot...)

The animation applet.
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