At an obsequious angle and with various angles on an outdoor background, I intend to take several pictures of my dearest drinky-bird in various stages of drinking. These'll get sorted into a sensible order, and form the basic content of an animation of the bird's typical activity. At this point, I'll heap praises on the thing in various ways: sing its hymns; pile offerings, effigies and sacrifices at its big plastic feet; frame it in various styles with bells, herbs, its magical symbols and other pseudomystical shrinery; introduce it to minions and worshippers (perhaps resolution-wise abased before it)...

...and only then, if there's time, play with the tired old Photoshop tools I was hoping to avoid, to do the nimbus and sparkliness appropriate to an object of its standing.

The applet in which the hymns of the drinky bird are sung.
The source.

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