Here are photos from the "natural" series. They are images of me, because I was the only handy animal, vegetable, or mineral that wasn't in the ill-lit outdoors at the convenient time. Really, me because it's fun to have a self-indulgently pseudo-spooky portrait around for one's home page. My naturalness, or, for example, that of my glasses, may be subject to debate.

The unnaturalness of the "unnatural" series is unquestionable. These images are of regions of the H. R. Giger painting Cataract. In retrospect, this may be the least unnatural of the works in the A Rh+ collection, but it was the least mono-grey one.

Here are some static Photoshop sketches of combinations of these images. The core of the process was overlaying with monstery-rock-formation-with-eyes bits, lighten-style.

And this is probably not as enjoyable (why?) but somewhat more interesting, the sketch the dynamic version of which the applet strives to be: darks lightened with rockmonsters, and lights darkened with the (at this resolution, very pleasant) waterfall. (Another possibility would have been to just use some clouds out of Photoshop, to go for totally artificially unnatural; another, to have photographed natural clouds.)

The animation images are calculated from the component images in the applet, using variable-strength lighten/darken-type filters and a few extras... The flashlight casts extra light on what's behind the scenes, when Rockiness is less than 10 but there is some cloudiness. The separate flashlight panel just lets you indicate where you want it without getting the mouse cursor in the way of the image.

The applet
The source.

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