Brad Geilfuss - mas961 - Problem Set 1

This is my solution for problem set 1. When you select the frequency menu you will see the image transformed through an FFT algorithm. The resulting image shows only the real data. Selecting spatial will reverse the transform.

There are 3 available draw modes.

  • drag enables you to drag the image around relative to the crosshair.
  • circles creates a paint algorithm which places dots on the image whose size is proportional to the distance the mouse is clicked from the center of the crosshair.
  • lines will draw lines radiating out from the crosshair to the location of the mouse.
You may also change the paintbrush color by clicking on the gradiated palette at the top of the applet.

Typing a filename into the textfield and hitting return will load an available image so long as it is within the security constraints of the applet. I have included one other image to use for demo purposes: laeca.jpg. If you wish to reload the original image it is called grantpark.jpg.