brad geilfuss - mas961, problem set 7

for this problem set i am examining some phenomena related to water applied to non-fluids. the two phenomena i have examined so far are undulation (as the ocean) and reflection. both of these examinations use a bit of a dirty algorithm i wrote which "maps" a primary image onto a secondary image by using the primary image for color information, and then using the secondary image for a pixel offset for each primary pixel and a pixel size for each primary pixel. this method seems to be a bit flaky, and certainly works better with some images than others. i have not yet completed my final applet. having decided that my mapping algorithm is not quite up to par with what i would like to do, i have gone a new route. my new algorithm divides an image up and uses the average pixel darkness or lightness to determine a flow offset and flow force for each division of the image. i am trying to create a little bit of ocean into which i can spill an image, such that not only does it undulate, but it's individual components will flow freely in the x and y directions.