submission for mas961 thebox
introduction This is a musician's approach to animation. As a musicion I have a pre-existing language for thinking about temporal relationships. Although crippled by Java's timing problems (!) this animation is an attempt to script visual sequences using some of the language.

Concepts of both intra and inter-note rythmn can used. Inside an individual note we could use the simple attack-sustain-decay model for the onset, duration and release of a 'note' - this is explored using a ASD model to vary thespeed of a single sequence. Outside the single note, we have questions of timbre and contrast - here, cutting between image sequences. On a higher level again, we have the opening and merging perceptual streams characteristic of counterpoint,

To this end, an object library was built both to heirachically group slices from image sequences together into structures analogus to the multiplets of a musical score and to provide ASD style control over playback speed. Both work with streams which progress throughout the piece to suggest a sense of time and of development. Timings were reconstructed, semi-automatically, from a recorded audio sequence.

the story Isolated box, tired of watching time pass just being a box, tries to shake his box like existance.
further work I'm not happy with the results (yet). Lets just say the playback engine's rubato is a bit to liberal to give justice to the millisecond timings I wanted. The 'effect' is in a sense all or nothing, the dividing line between complex rythmn in mysic and percuptually random notes is too thin. I'd like the animation to stand without reference to the original score.

Work in progress.