• user interface - the user interface was very cumbersome to use. it required that the user press a number of buttons in a particular sequence and they had little or no feed back. furthermore, the program was not particularly robust in handling button presses out of order.

  • end picture - the end picture was not quite engaging. the background did not get enhanced by placing tiles about it. having three pictures to choose from was not quite as engaging as perhpas focusing on one.


  • the user interface now simply consists of clicking on and around the central object. to change the color of the lines, press 1, 2 or 3.
    the implementation is fast and robust. it is also now synchronized so the animation of the display is smooth and does not have any 'hiccups'.
  • the actual implementation of the design has also changed. tiles from different backgrounds have been preselected and are used to draw dripping-like lines (both vertical and horizontal) behind the foreground. this gives the applet a more dynamic feel. it also creates a textured background that often times overshadows the foreground. the three different color choices are all taken from different pictures but fit in well with the central object.