1 color paint

in this paint program, i was interested in using different layers, a palette layer and a painting layer. when you click and drag to paint, the color of the brush comes from the sampled color of the faded image below. when you click and wait while over one of the palette images, the palette layer comes to the front, and you can move the images around.

press 'c' to clear, press 'i' to initialize

2 color ricochet

i decided to leave the first paint program unfinished, and try a different idea. in this piece, the image brush is a bouncing ball (w/o newtonian physics), which collides and combines with palette images above and below. click on an image, drag, and release to start the brush going.

press 'c' to clear, hold down 'b' to stop leaving a trail


peter cho
mas961 numerical photography
oct 1, 1998