1 a trip to the moon

concept: after being perplexed by the assignment (to combine a natural phenomenon with an unnatural object) for a long time, i decided that i wanted to do something about light, framing artificial light sources within the context of natural light (the sun, moon, stars). i got to thinking about nighttime, and how in the modern age, we use streetlights and signs to guide us, perhaps in the same way that people in ancient times used the stars and moon and planets in the sky for navigation. i wanted to take pictures of stars in the nighttime sky, but my little digital camera wasn't up to the task. so in this piece, neon signs and streetlights are the "stars" which guide you on your way to the moon.
how to use: to journey forward toward the moon, move the mouse pointer in a clockwise direction around the center of the applet window. move in the opposite direction to move backward.

peter cho
mas961 numerical photography
nov. 5, 1998