Genetic Image Filtering with Sol

GeneticFilterApplet is a genetic image filter breeding system written in Sol. Unfortunately, it is unlikely to work on your browser so here are number of images created using it. Note: these images are pure screen-grabs from the Genetic Filter applet, and we not post-processed in any way.

The GeneticFilter Applet in action.

Source images.

Results for Source Image One.

Results for Source Image Two.

Results for Source Image Three.


The images you see here are the result of breeding image filters using genetic programming techniques. When the Genetic Filter applet starts, the user is given a selection of seven initial filters as applied to a source image. The user may choose another source image from a list, edit the genetic code of a particular filter, or select two filters to be "parents" of a new generation of child filters.

When two parents are selected and the "combine" button is pressed, the applet generates seven new image filters which are the genetic descendents of the two parent filters. These child filters are a combination of the genetic code for the parent filters with possible additional code introduced by mutation. The new filters are then applied to the selected source image and the user is shown the results. The cycle of filter selection, recombination, and display is repeated as many times as desired. In this way, the aesthetic sense of the user acts as the fitness function for the genetic evolution of the system. Once an image is created which the user likes, a larger version may be rendered in a new window and captured from the screen, as these example images were.

All of the filter results shown here were the results of only a few generations of filter evolution.

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