Problem Set Six.

Genetic Image Filtering with Sol III

In this assignment I refined the genetic image filter breeding system I wrote for problem set five and applied it to the problem of breeding filters for a succession of images.

The main addition to the filterering application (in addition to a batch rendering mode) is a continuously interpolated image space composed of any number of source images. This allows for smooth cross-disolves between source images.

I started with 90 images composing a simple stop-motion animation. I didn't have time to process them all, but I worked on creating filtered subsequences. Since I planned on creating interpolated intermediate images, the original sequence plays too quickly when encoded as an mpeg movie.

The new version of the genetic image filter applicaiton.

A few source images.

Some resulting frames.

Movie One Movie Two Movie Three Movie Three (director's cut)


The images you see here are the result of breeding image filters using genetic programming techniques. This was a directed breeding program - the goal was to produce a filter for the target image which would emphasize the foreground (problem set six).

The filter results shown here were the results of a few generations of filter evolution.

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