Problem Set Seven.

Natural and Unnatural: Procedural Image Filter Hacking with Sol

I decided that my "natural" process would be time and motion, and the unnatural component would be creating single images which were in some sense time-lapse, thus compressing space and time into single frames. Since I already had 90 frames of stop-motion animation from the previous assignment which seemed very appropriate (a combination of the natural and unnatural) I decided to recycle 20 of them for this assignment. Here are a few excerpts:

In this assignment I extended my previous work with genetic image filtering to allow arbitrary sampling of an entire image space, rather than a single horizontal slice through it. This is illustrated below, in which the rectangular prism represents the image space, the white planes cut through it the source images, the black square an interpolated slice, and the wavy surface a more complicated sampling of the image space.

Instead of breeding a filter, for this assignment I decided to write one instead which would do exactly what I wanted. The framework I had set up before made this kind of manual editing very easy and fast.

And here are the results as a sequence of images, and also as a mpeg movie.

And finally, here is another movie of an aborted run with more input images. This perhaps has more of the abstract feeling I was hoping for.

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