Problem Set Eight.

Revised Natural and Unnatural: Procedural Image Filter Hacking with Sol

This problem set is a revised take on Problem Set Seven. The critique of that solution was that the images used (which were recycled from a previous assignment) could have been more interesting. So I shot new images and modified my filter somewhat. I shot two sequences. The first was only eight frames long, and shows E'beth working on a physics problem. The second is 88 frames long and represents an attempt at stop-motion animation with my hands (and some environmental stuff) as the animated objects. Here is an MPEG movie of the second sequence of source images some exerpts from both sequences:

Here is the filter I used for the processing.

Here is the first processed sequence. Note that one of the images from the second sequence accidentally got mixed in. It looked good, so I kept it.

Here is the second sequence, as an MPEG movie, a QuickTime movie and as a sequence of images.