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The sampling manifold viz hack applet is a visualization tool and 3D drawing demo. The purpose of viz hack is to graphically represents the image-space sampling of the genetic filter breeding system in three dimensions. (If you haven't looked at these pages yet you are likely to be confused. Go back and check them out.) If you don't care about the purpose, you can see it as a Java graphics demo which lets you draw onto curvy surfaces in 3D space.


Wait (and read the directions) while the red square at the bottom left is replaced by a processed image of E'beth doing physics.

The white squares at the top of the applet are the front and back faces of a cube, which represents the image space. (This image space contained seven source images, arrayed from front to back parallel to the front and back faces.) Click and drag with the mouse to rotate the cube in 3D.

The image at the bottom was produced by the genetic image filtering system. In order to see how the filter (see bottom of page) sampled the image space to produce it click and drag on the image. Lines appear in the 3D volume above, showing you where the pixels you are sketching on were sampled from.

Red lines represent hue samples, gold represents saturation, grey represents value. Best results come from scribbling towards the center of the image, possibly tracing some recognizable feature. Then rotate the image space 90 degrees on some axis to see what shape your lines are tracing.


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