I spent some time thinking about a most revered object, before I decided I didn't have any object worth singling out. Then I thought it would be amusing to instantiate a large chunk of my liquid assets in the form of a single exotic item, namely a $1000 bill:

But when I went to the bank this morning, I was in for a little lesson. My bank's largest bill is a C-note. Other bank's largest bills were C-notes. I decided to go right to the source. Well, OK, not the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, but the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.

They let me know that $100 bills are the largest federal note in available. If the feds see so much as a $500, they take it out of circulation. What a bummer.

Well, since I had already started my java applet based on the dollar bill idea, I decided to just substitute the $100 for the $1000.

Here are the six images of C-notes.

Here my bill realizes over-amplified prominence through a computational process, though it is only 10% as funny as it could have been.

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