MAS 961: FFTPaint

Sunil Vemuri

Click "FFT" to perform a Fast Fourier Transform on the image

Click "FFT-1" to perform the invere transform

The "||" button gives the magnitude image of the frequency dimension

The "ph" button gives the phase image in the frequency dimension

The "Fill" button will color the entire image with the current pen color.

The "Gray" button will convert a color image to grayscale (not necessary ... just for fun)

The "Load" button will load the image from the specified URL.

The buttons labeled "Wh", "G1', "G2", "G3", and "Bk" correspond to the current pen color (shades of gray).

The status area is at the bottom.

Requires a Java 1.1 compliant browser (don't even bother trying Netscape)