PS 4

Hand Made Object

I guess I took the assignment a bit too literally :-). Here I just have a few examples of the images I made with some blatant misuse of linear algebra :-). I decided to try to achieve visual impact with just whatever I can do algorithmically, without any intervention.

Eric Clapton's Hand

This is the source image This is the result.

Told you this pear looked evil...

Source. This is the result.

This thing was getting kinda creepy, so, I thought I would make it a bit more angelic. So, here is the same hand as above, rendered in angels :-).

Paradise That Way


I like how angels sort of flying off of the tip of my finger. I feel the power...


Source Result

Ok, I cannot stretch any more to be related to the "handmade" thing. I give up. It's just too much fun...

Angelic Recursion

Source Result

Angel Hair

This is the same angel rendered in scribbles.