VegiePaint revisited

   In my original project I was generating the colors as a mixture of the images. I thiught it was cool but for the full imapct either morphing should be done between the actual objects in the image, or, what I found more interesting, one could try to sythesize a texture based on some sort of the texture sampling in the initial images. So, that's pretty much what I am doing.

    Click on a pallete image and then click on the initially black square below. The applet will sample the image and will synthesize a new texture.
The resulting texture actually tiles perfectly, so, I could generate a full window size image and reveal it with the brush, but I decided it looked too static.

    Again, my browser gives me some weird aliasing when the images are scaled. So if you have a VM other than MS one - try that, it will look better.


Whatever, moving on...

    I was intrigued by the textures I was getting out of it - they don't look too good when ther are so small, so, I made some more bigger ones. You can use them as WallPaper - here are the *.bmp versions.

    This was too much fun, so I went ahead and made an animated texture. That thing is REALLY trippy.  The texture is rotating around four points but never breaks! You can look at one part of the image and see exactly where it is moving, but when you look at the whole thing - it just makes no sense :-).