Problem Set 2: Portrait of a Cube


In this problem set you will gain skill with using a camera in relation to a subject, in this case a white paper cube you shall construct. Place this white cube on top of an identically white paper material. Arrange a maximum of 5 achromatic lights pointed at the cube.

Part 1: Take Some Pictures

Shoot at least 64 different scenes of the cube, in different lighting conditions, or in the same lit conditions. Experiment with different lighting combinations and the ambient light situation.

Part 2: Basic Animation System

In an applet of maximum size 600 pixels wide by 400 pixels high, design a simple display engine that displays a series of images, at a varied speed of display. For instance, displaying images A, B, C, D, between A and B there can be a delay of 150 milliseconds, between B and C a delay of 300 milliseconds, and C and D a delay of 0 milliseconds. In otherwords, a variable speed playback engine where the timing is predetermined by some form of script.

Part 3: Tell a Story of the Cube

Given the frames you have shot, preload all of them (make sure they are all loaded with MediaTracker), and fire them away at a speed that tells a story of the essence of the cube you are shooting, as well as its surrounding lit conditions. Since you want to animate, you may want to limit the size of your images. Furthermore, do not exceed 1 minute to tell your story. DO NOT apply any type of special effect (like digital pan, zoom, etc. as geilfuss had demonstrated in ps1). We are focusing upon just the pictures, and how you crop them.