Problem Set 3: Our World of Colours


In this problem set you will locate colored objects in your environment. With the objects/scenes you snap, you shall develop a larger palette of colors.

Part 1: Take Some Pictures

Capture 6 images of a naturally (or synthetic as long as it is captured with the camera) found Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet scene.

Part 2: Making a Palette

Create the inbetween colors of Red-Orange, Yellow-Green, etc. by synthesizing them from the given base scenes you have captured. In other words, given 6 images, create 12 images (or 18, 24, etc. however fine-grain you wish to get) that represent combinations of the image in some way that creates the inbetween color.

Part 3: Paint with your Palette

Using these image chips, allow a user to select from the widened palette and paint with the images as brushes (there are many innovations possible at this step).