Problem Set 7: Nature as Unnature, or Unnature as Nature


In this problem set you will consider a natural phenomenon posed as an unnatural occurence (or vice-versa). Examples of the natural would be the flow of water, the wind, gravity, etc. An example of the unnatural would be garbage, packages, toast, etc. (choose something concrete, versus some abstract concept).

Part 1: Take Some Pictures

Create two sets of photos, one set depicting your natural phenomenon, the other set depicting the unnatural phenomenon of your choice.

Part 2: Describe the Natural with the Unnatural

Explain in words why you chose your particular pair of concepts, and how you propose they can be posed in relation to each other in a visual manner that is 50% computationally motivated.

Part 3: Realize it

Create a JAVA applet that depicts your proposed concept to the best of your ability.