Problem Set 8: The Issue of Quality


Choose an underdeveloped piece of work and refine it's level of quality of presentation/concept.

Part 1: Take Some Snapshots

Create one set of screen snapshots that depict your original design (a sequence is preferable).

Part 2: Define its Deficiencies

Write a self critique that suggests how it can be improved.

Part 3: Solve It

Rewrite your JAVA applet and describing web page with the improvements.

Suggestions for what to do:

1. pcho: the one with the harvard square station set. tighten concept and refine solution.

2. kelly: the mirror box problem. think of asynchronicity, different speeds.

3. brad: the dog or the pumpkin texture. i would make the dog experience very uber-doggish.

4. lau: the hand shadows/videogame. make it closer to your proposed concept. smoking finger, etc.

5. fry: the color problem. create stronger relation between left and right.

6. tom: the vending machine. refine this solution to a good level of reality/non-reality.

7. yuri: the fft problem set. redesign frontend interface to be more intuitive yet abstract.

8. marc: the motion painter. try to make more efficient by using smaller window size perhaps, refine interface.

9. msredin: the texture generation. create more options, make interface a bit deeper and fuller.

10. vemuri: vemuri fighter. refine interaction so can be interrupted during motion sequence, use longer panorama, try to do more with interframe motion blending computationally.

11. devaul: multi-space combiner. choose a better set of images to illustrate the multi-frame temporal collider

12. ebeth: circuit-board paint. add a functional layer to this such that is not just painting components, but has actual function of components at some level.

13. elise: the flavor-meter. create better relation between meal and flavor-vision.

14. golan: the hand-problem set. choose ONE representation and go with just that. try to get better flesh tone to make more handy.