MAS962 Problem Set 3
Chloe Chao
Due: September 26, 1997

1. Read Chapter 3 in Bringhurst. Do you prefer sans-serif to serif type? Please give specific reasons for your preference.

2. Write a JAVA program with a TextArea widget, a Choice widget, and a Button widget. There should be two items in the Choice widget ("to caps" and "to lowercase"). Depending upon the setting of the Choice widget, pressing the Button should convert all the text to caps or lowercase.

3. In order to focus our concentration on the "space" of the string, but also not lose the sense of the semantics of the string, we will design more of these "String Filters", much in the spirit of an image filter. Add to the JAVA program of (2) a TextField widget for entering floating point numbers between 0 and 1 (inclusive). Add to the possible Choices the following ("Noise", "Blur", and "Enhance"). When the Button is pressed, the value in the TextField should be taken to be the 'intensity' of Noise added, or Blur applied, etc (where 0 is none and 1 is full). Think of solutions that are not only 'form'-based, but 'content'-based also. In order to realize the latter of course you may have to build a dictionary. It does not have to be an all consuming dictionary but just one big enough to demonstrate your ideas.

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