MAS962 Problem Set 5
Chloe Chao
Due: October 10, 1997

1) Read Chapter 5 in Bringhurst. Discuss the key differences between a ragged-right typeset document versus a both-side justified typeset document. Which do you prefer?

2) Create a JAVA program where the letters A through Z (all in caps) have been vector-encoded. There should be a TextField where you can type text, a Button which you press to convert the text in the TextField to a larger subclass of the Panel form for displaying the graphic vectorized in a typeface that you can design or trace from an existing typeface. The key rule here is to keep it simple. The typeface that you design should know where its stems and serifs are (i.e. it should have some features encoded).

3) With the JAVA app of problem 2, and with the addition of another TextField widget where you can input floating values between 0 to 1 inclusive, when the Button is pressed the input text should be 'blurred' according to the input intensity of 0 to 1. In PS #3 this was addressed at the lexical level. Now try to combine the lexical with the visual. Do not create a purely visual solution. You are allowed to use gray values on top of the regular black and white.

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