MAS962 Problem Set 7
Chloe Chao
Due: October 31, 1997

1. Read Chapter 7. Explain why the typographic grid is a useful concept. Can you think of any aspects of the grid useful for writing computational codes?

2. Create the modified classic mas962 applet with the TextArea input, button to transform the text in the TextArea, and a Panel to display graphical output. When text is input, label the following consonantal occurences: (note that these mappings are not completely accurate as there are sounds like 'j' where that can imply both the beginning and ends of the word "judge". for the sake of this class i believe that they are sufficient. i guess you could also spell the words literally to be accurate "juj").

3. Using the framework of (2), and staying within a monochromatic palette, use your typeface(s) of PS4 and PS5 to visualize and emphasize the consonantal sounds described above. Recall that you have 2 parameters to choose from, "noise" and "blur". Also recall that you have the 3rd dimension of "time" that can be very useful.

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