Air Flow
In this applet, the idea of a typographical grid is turned into a visual grid that conveys different kinds of phonemes, most specifically those related to consonants. There are six different kinds of consonants which affect the airflow in the vocal track in different ways:

Stops - sudden and total cessation of airflow; results in silence
Fricatives – produce turbulence and hence noise; high frequency energy
Affricates – start as a “stop” and ends as a “fricative”
Nasals – airflow is channeled into the nasal passage instead of the oral cavity
Liquids – transitions into the vowel it precedes
Glides – similar to vowels

The grid displays a cell for each letter. The size of the cell and the color of the letters vary according to the way the letter affects the airflow in the vocal track through time:

Stops – long cell which starts with the letter and ends in silence
Fricatives – long cell which carries the letter through time; no silence
Affricates – start in silence and end in the same way as a fricative letter
Nasals – are displayed above their cells to echo the detour of airflow
Liquids – look similar to vowels except for a slight change in color
Glides – look exactly like vowels