b. geilfuss - problem set 3



My solution to problem 2 doesn't specify the correct number of columns, but rather looks at the size of the font it has, and calculates how many columns and rows it will have accordingly. Typing a letter will place that letter where ever the mouse is. On the platform I developed it on (sgi) holding a key down will allow you to paint with the letter. Holding down the space bar will erase. I chose this over having the cursor location moving itself to the right one space after each character was printed (such that one could type lines continuous lines), simply because that was something I planned on doing in problem 3.


For problem 3, I took my original "black box" code without recompiling and used it as an engine for adding space rythmns to the text. I chose to let the text be placed horizontally, and the examning vertical as a resultant of situations where the horizontal failed (too close to margins). Word wrap will adjust to a tabbed location (the tab vertically in line with the mouse- though i'd like to have manipulated this a bit). Control keys which the black box accepts are: