Ingeborg Endter     9/26/97   Problem set 3

Problem 1.   San serif vs. serif type

Problem 2.
Problem 2 does a straightforward transformation of  text from
upper case to lower case, or vice versa, within a TextArea.

Problem 3.

Problem 3 applies a variety of text filters to the TextArea of the previous problem.

Noise in text can be produced by the too-frequent use of large, bold type. Bold type shouts
at the reader. Here I used capitals to apply a pattern of bolding to the text. I apply the change in case
to every fourth word.  At the lowest intensity, 0, the text does not change. For each successive step in intensity, I pass through the text one more time. Finally, the highest intensity, 1.0, makes the text all caps,
and bold.

The features that define the outline of a word or string space are white space and punctuation. The blur filter gradually removes spaces and punctuation in the text, causing the words to blur on the page. As intensity increases, more and more spaces are removed, until the text is a continuous tone on the page. I use the same pattern of stepping the filter through the text n times, depending upon intensity.

The enhance filter is a reverse filter, used to remove the ill effects of blur and noise. When blur or noise is applied to the text, the state of the text is saved. The enhance filter restores the original appearance of the text.