Ingeborg Endter     10/3/97   Problem set 4

Problem 1.   Centered Helvetica

Problem 2.
  Expanding and Reverting text in this problem repeats each character
  each time "Expand" is pressed. The "Revert" button reverses the process in stages,
  until it arrives at the original form.

Problem 3.
  In this problem words longer than 5 characters are assumed to be more important than shorter words.
  "Expand" repeats the longer words once each time the button is pressed.
  "Revert" reverses the process as expected.

  The same source file is used for both problems. The applet reads the parameter "problem" from the HTML code. Problem 2 uses the "expandText" and "revertText" methods, and problem 3 uses the "expandTextMeaning" and "revertTextMeaning" methods. Both methods keep track of a counter of the number of transforms. Each time "expand.." is called, the counter is incremented. Each call to "revert.." decrements the counter. The contents of the text being transformed cannot be changed by the user unless the counter is 0, and the user may begin a new transform at that point.