Ingeborg Endter     10/10/97   Problem set 5

Problem 1.   Ragged or justified, that is the question.

Problem 2.
  A vector-encoded upper case alphabet.
  I traced a font called "Roman" (and sometimes, "Courier New"). I drew the letterforms in a 30 square pixel space, so you can say that this is a 30 pt font. The vector table for all the letters is in a text file in the classes directory. The applet gets the filename from the HTML page. The vector table description is parameterized to signal which graphic drawing method should be used (drawLine, drawArc, or drawOval), and also identifies line segments as strokes, diagonals, or serifs.

Problem 3.
  Building on the work done in the previous problem, I have added the ability to "blur" the text to a variable degree, based on the value the user enters. I use the Intensity value to decide how often to repeat the blurring routine. The blurring reduces the drawing color to grey, and repeats the letterforms, with each repetition separated by one pixel.