Ingeborg Endter     11/7/97   Problem set 8

Problem 2.
A sound and animation medley. When a letter or letter combination is drawn to the screen, the sounds representing those letters are played. Noise is represented by a combination of bolding and movement from the baseline. Blur is represented by values of grey. The noisiest sounds (nasals) have the greatest amount of movement and bolding. Stops, affricates, and fricatives have increasingly smaller amounts of movement and bolding. The last three categories, glides, vowels, and liquids are rendered in a narrow stroke and increasingly lighter shades of grey, and no movement. Unregistered sounds or characters are white, so they don't appear at all. The sound files play a non-character noise when an unregistered letter appears in the text.

Problem 3.
This exercise plays phrase sounds in synch with the drawing of the sounds. The sounds are drawn as in exercise 2, but I've added color here.
[I had problems getting sound recording to work on my hardware, so I used some "canned" sound clips.]