MAS962 Problem Set 3

Bill Keays

Problem 1 Problem 2 Problem 3

In exercise 3 of this problem set I interpreted the filter components (blur, enhance, noise) as operations on the meaning of the given words. To implement this strategy, I decided that "enhance" would return a more specific aspect of the selected word, and "blur" would return a more general aspect of the word.

As the blur or enhance factor increases, the values returned become more and more similar in adjacent words. This is analogous to the fact that when image filters are applied in their most extreme settings or repeatedly, images tend to decompose and gravitate towards a more or less homogenous appearance. This phenomenon is exhibited by displaying the adjacent columns.

Continuing in this vein, it seemed appropriate that the "noise" filter would skew the word grid thus separating the word from its class of associated terms more and more with each increasing degree of intensity. why it was critical that the adjacent columns also be displayed