PS5 asks us to design a simple, transformable typeface that knows where its serifs are. I wanted to create a face that was so simple that one could enter it within the system itself and then write with it immediately. In this system there are two modes, "edit alphabet" and "use alphabet". We begin by editing the alphabet: at the left side we see which letter we are editing. Click the mouse to form the letter. Press a different letter to edit that one. Press the backspace key to erase work on an individual letter. Click on the "use alphabet" button to enter text with the alphabet you have created. Type letters. To blur the letters, click and drag the mouse around the applet window. Press the "+" key to see the serifs for your letter forms. Serifs are used to designate the extreme ends of a letter form. In this case, serifs designate the first and last points entered to create these letter forms.