1 sans vs. serif

2 upper + lower case converter
Filters convert to upper or lower case. An intensity value from 0 to 1.0 designates which letters are converted, based on the letter's position in the alphabet. A value of 0.5 means letters in the first half of the alphabet will be converted.
3 enhance, blur, noise filters
The noise filter performs a letter substitution from a table, changing the letter to one of three letters or combinations of letters which sound similar to the original letter. The intensity determines which letters are converted, depending on how frequently the letter appears in the written English language. An intensity of 0.5 changes the letters zxqkjvbgwyfpm, the half of the alphabet which is less commonly used.

The blur filter causes each line of the text area to be doubled, as if your eyes are blurred and you're seeing double. The blur intensity determines how far apart the text string "images" are set -- an intensity of zero causes the two text images to be interwoven letter by letter, while an intensity of 1.0 causes the two text images to occur side by side. Any value in between causes some of the end of the first image to be interspersed with characters from the beginning of the second image.

The enhance filter tries to enhance the readibility by lengthening the ascenders and descenders of letters -- placing other characters below and above the letters with jutting parts. Intensity does not affect this filter.

peter cho
mas962 digital typography
sept. 26, 1997