2 a parametric alphabet
When I first read the assignment, I thought John meant to add lower case letters to the alphabet from ps5. Since my alphabet from last time was a mix of lower and upper case letters (whatever I could muster from two filled arcs), I decided to create a new representation for my letterforms. Here I have a very geometric, parametric alphabet, created from vertical stems, horizontal lines, diagonal stems, semi-circular arcs, pacman arcs, and circles. A set of parameters (stroke width, cap height, lowercase height, x-height, cross-bar position, descender position) determine the alphabet. Each letter is drawn as a function, rather than a list of points. This allows letter components to join correctly.
3 some fun with noise
Here, I thought about the noise in terms of wave interference. The stroke width for the alphabet changes with a sine wave. The mid-line point changes with a different sine wave, determined by the degree.

peter cho
mas962 digital typography
oct. 10, 1997