1 typographic grids

2 color-coded alphabet
As directed by the assignment, the consonants are color-coded according to their phonetic character. Consonant sounds which involve the release or build-up or air--such as stops (p, b, t, d, k, g, q), fricatives (f, v, th, s, z, sh, h), and affricates (ch, j)--are labelled with warm colors. The smoother, sustained consonant sounds-- namely, nasals (m, n, ng), liquids (l, r), and glides (y, w, wh)-- are labelled with cool colors. Unregistered letters are light gray.

One detail, I created ligatures from the consonant pairs SH, TH, WH, CH, and NG to distinguish them as single consonant sounds.
3 other-coded alphabet
Here, each consonant sound is given a different animated effect. The stops, for example, "pop up" then settle back into place.

peter cho
mas962 digital typography
oct. 31, 1997