Problem Set #9
Part 1
Hand in: p1.class
Change at least one thing about the problem 5/ps8 of the colleague that occurs after your name (as has been done before). Inside the java file, be sure to add your commentary preceded by a few '*' (asterisks) to make it clear what you are adding/removing.
Part 2
Hand in: p2.class
Consider mx as representing an ascii value that varies over time. Given that mx is a float value, its ascii integer conversion value will be (int)(mx*255+.5f). There are of course ascii values that cannot be viewed so be careful of these cases. Consider my as representing the amount of 'emphasis' that should be given to the ascii value presented at mx. For instance, if my is '1' then the ascii value at mx should be screaming; if my is '0' then mx should behave itself. Display the ascii value (using *no* color).
Part 3
Hand in: p3.class
Given that mx represents a time varying ascii stream, assume that your job is to modify the ascii stream and present the modified ascii value at my in the chained method that you have used in previous problem sets. As we did in the team programming exercise in the acg area, try not to obliterate the signal coming in.
Part 4
Hand in: p4.class
Using everything you got (including color), design a single parameterized piece that says "mas110 exhibition". It should be parameterized in my where my signifies emphasis. This will be put up in the building 56 display.