The ADC Gallery

The Art Directors Club, based in New York, is an international not-for-profit organization of leading creatives in advertising, graphic design, interactive media, broadcast design, typography, packaging, environmental design, photography, illustration, and related disciplines. The mission of the Art Directors Club is to promote the highest standards of excellence and integrity in visual communications, and to encourage students and young professionals entering the field.

The Art Directors Club Gallery presents monthly exhibitions featuring a wide range of work from all over the world in advertising, graphic design, new media, publication design,illustration, photography, packaging and other subjects of interest to creative professionals students, and the general public. [Text adapted from the ADC web site.]

This Quicktime video shows John Maeda's preliminary walkthrough of the ADC Gallery before our exhibition was installed.

A view looking down the main wall of the ADC Gallery before our show was installed. Photo courtesy ADC gallery.
Views looking down the main wall (center), at the main wall from under the balcony (left), and along the main wall towards the doors.
Views of the downstairs (basement) gallery area, in which Professor Maeda's prints were displayed. Seen from the end closest to the stairs leading down.