Individual Student Works

Stream of Consciousness
Tom White and David Small
Water briskly flows down a series of cascades into a glowing pool. Projected on the surface of the pool and flowing as if they were caught in the water's grasp are a tangle of words. You can reach out and touch the flow, blocking it or stirring up the words causing them to grow and divide, morphing into new words that are pulled into the drain and pumped back to the head of the stream to tumble down again.


Coding Form
Tom White
The goal of my research is to create an environment that allows new forms of computational interaction by building natural mappings between the symbolic space of reasoning and language with the numeric logic of the computer. I have recently begun exploring engineering forms from various computational descriptions in a fluid and scaleable environment.

Alphabet Zoo
Peter Cho
This research explores the prospect of dynamic typography which can be faithfully realized only in an interactive, three-dimensional environment. By developing the underlying representations for type on the computer, we can develop novel, expressive forms unique to the digital medium. In the Alphabet Zoo, each letter becomes a playful, animated character through the manipulation of a custom-built letterform model.

Adaptive Information
Ben Fry
My recent work involves building constructions of information. These systems are made up of many small units with autonomous but simple behavior, which react with others to form an organic visualization of continuous input from a large body of data, or a dynamic source of information.

Garment Chimerical
Elise Co
This research explores the idea of technology and computation as expressive elements relating to the human body and its movement. Intended as a visualization to be displayed on the body, the chimerical garment is a projection of imaginary clothing into the physical world, conscious of the body and shifting according to the movements of the wearer.

Solid Light
Bill Keays
The ability to react in real time is the quintessential quality of visual computer media. High-resolution displays and reduced latency have brought unprecedented richness to this experience; but must we observe it uniquely through a painted two dimensional surface? The Solid Light project introduces methods of embodying real-time interactive graphics in expressive, sculptural forms.

Golan Levin
The expressive and evocative capacities of abstract form are important complements to those afforded by other visual media such as text and information graphics. In Aurora, users create and manipulate a shimmering, nebulous cloud. This glowing formlessness rapidly evolves, dissolves and disperses as it follows and responds to the user's movements.

Jocelyn Lin
I am interested in exploring how a dynamic system may be represented in an organic fashion. In Curvesculpt, the focus is on the transient forms and spaces created by the boundaries of the piece. Through interaction with this work, a participant may create intricate, flowing sculptures which evolve from a single curve.

Jared Schiffman
Formulation is an example of reactive design in which the internal dynamics of the elements leads them from motion to rest. In many of my pieces, the participant provides the energy and direction for motion, while the design adjusts accordingly until balance is reached. The ever-present tension between the interactor and computer gives the sensation of a mutual shared experience.

Living Pigments
Catherine Foo
The difference between physical and digital color is not always obvious. In this space, colors are represented by small creatures which can exchange information. Interaction amongst these digital pigments creates a garden of organic color.

Visual Systems
Casey Reas
What rules govern the aesthetics of dynamic, living compositions? The collection of studies presented in this exhibition is a foundation for the exploration of this question.


Reed Kram
Watch and listen to a meditation on everyday signs and signals! Reed Kram was a founding member of the ACG. He currently lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden and teaches at Designskolen Kolding, Denmark. Sound by Aphex Twin and Oval.


Matt Grenby
This piece is an exploration of dynamic abstraction. The essence of an individual photograph or graphical composition is distilled and represented in either an organic or discrete fashion. The viewer is invited to look for the original image through the abstraction, or perhaps (more interestingly) to form an entirely new idea of what the form represents.